HoopMaster Hooping Aid

The Hoopmaster is simple in design and built to withstand the punishment of a commercial environment. Even the most inexperienced embroiderer will find it easy to use, hooping quickly and accurately in no time at all. Your productivity and profitability will increase as well as the quality control your customers deserve. Put this innovative system to work for you. Since time IS money, rest assured that the HoopMaster will quickly pay for itself.

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Hoop Master Chest Plate
Chest Plate Station
Hoop Master Fixture
Hoop Fixture
Hoop Master Sleeve Station
Sleeve Station

Two Fixture Hooping Kit

  • Chest Plate Station
  • Sleeve Station
  • 2 Hoop Fixtures
Single Fixture Hooping Kit
Single Fixture Hooping Kit

This set includes:
  • 1 Hoopmaster Station
  • 1 Fixture (any size)
  • 1 Freestyle Arm
  • 1 Portable Mounting Base
  • 1 Pocket Alignment Guide
  • 1 T-Square

Unique Features:
  • Magnetic Backing Material Holder
    Holds backing material taut and in place
  • Flexible Support Arms
    Supports and squares the tubular hoop
  • Number and Letter Grids
    Used to document logo placement for consistent embroidery
Add an Additional Fixture:
size 12 cm, 15 cm, 18 cm

Add a full front or back fixture
12" x 12" (312 x 312 mm)

Jacket Backs Available:
16" x 17" (419 x 439 mm)
16" x 14" (357 x 412 mm)
18 5/8" x 12" (470 x 300 mm)

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